Celebrating Rushton


Rushton Woods Preserve
Delchester and Goshen Roads
Saturday June 2nd

5:00 pm     Local wine & cheese tasting, haywagon tours, celebratory remarks
6:30 pm     Farm to plate dinner featuring seasonally inspired dishes prepared by celebrated local chefs

 RSVP BY MAY 25,2012                                                                            DANCING TO WARD MARSTON
LIMITED SEATING                                                       COUNTRY ATTIRE, DRESS FOR THE WEATHER

Get a SNEAK PEEK of the live auction items!

The Trustees and friends of the Willistown Conservation Trust invite you to join in celebrating the acquisition of the beautiful 80-acre Rushton Woods Preserve, and to recognize the many organizations and individuals who helped purchase and preserve it forever.

 Thanks to the remarkable commitment of many, the permanent protection of the Rushton Woods Preserve, located at the corner of Goshen and Delchester Roads, assures that this special place will always be there for everyone to enjoy.

 Whether picking up fresh local produce at the Trust’s Rushton Farm, witnessing the capture of a tiny Saw-Whet Owl at our Bird Banding station, or hiking the two miles of trails through woodlands and fields that are home to a rich diversity of plants and wildlife, we hope you will share a feeling of ownership of this special place. It now belongs to all of us!  So …

Let’s Celebrate together! 

Colossal Carrot – $5,000 – 8 places at the table ($3,600 is tax deductible)

Preservation Pepper – $3,000 – 6 places at the table ($1,950 is tax deductible)

Conservation Cabbage – $2,000 – 4 places at the table ($1,300 is tax deductible)

Restoration Radish – $1,000 – 2 places at the table ($650 is tax deductible)

Sustainable Spinach – $225 – 1 place at the table ($50 is tax deductible)

Young Friends Yam – $175 – 1 ticket
(Age 35 or younger)

Janice and Britt Murdoch
Leanne and Rob McMenamin

Tim Barnard
Alice & Christian Bullitt
Care & Warren Claytor
Jayme & Bryan Colket
Catharine & Gary Cox
Carolyn & Woody Cullen
Lisa & Sandy Davne
Nancy & Dick Eales
Tracy & Sam Freeman
Esther & Paul Gansky
Kat & Steve Gord
Eliza & James Gowen
Alice & Peter Hausmann
Erin & Frank Herz
Lynn & Tony Hitschler
Lyn & Bill Howard
Beth & David Hucker
Francie Ingersoll & Matt Taylor
Ann & Mark Ledger
Betsy & Bob Legnini
Jeanne McManus & Rob Good
Joanna & Art McMorris
Nia & Collin McNeil
Jennifer & Chris Moller
Betty Moran
Douglass & Arthur Newbold
Donna & Bill Oliver
Diane & Bob Roskamp
Christine & Fritz Seving
Marilyn & Lang Smith
Liz & Peter Strawbridge
Debi & Lance Taylor
Bonnie & Jim Van Alen
Colby & Rob Van Alen
Jane & Doug Walker
Tana & Michael Wall
Penny & Tom Watkins
Josephine Winsor

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